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5 Reasons Hair Removal Is Affordable

It’s no surprise permanent hair removal seems expensive.  After all, the procedure requires a certified professional using expensive, high-tech equipment, and that typically translates into big money.  Many have found the opposite to be true, however.  Permanent hair removal can be an affordable option, particularly when the procedure is performed at locally-owned clinics which don’t owe franchise fees and are committed to helping patients find greater confidence.  Diamond, a beautiful young Springfield, MO woman, suffered from a hormone disorder which caused excessive facial hair.  She found American Electrolysis and Laser on the recommendation of her gynecologist, and this was her experience:

“I have a hormone imbalance.  I had dark hair that looked like sideburns, and it was really starting to affect how I felt about myself…how I saw myself. From my first appointment Melissa was just amazing.  Coming to American Electrolysis and Laser really allowed me to become more self confident.  Don’t be afraid of the process.  It’s not nearly as scary as others have made it out to be.  It’s a very easy process, and Melissa knows what she’s doing.”

You can hear Diamond’s story in her own words by clicking on the photo.Hear-Story1






Each person’s experience with permanent hair removal is unique to that individual; however at American Electrolysis and Laser we have identified five reasons hair removal can be affordable for most of those who suffer from unwanted hair growth or simply wish to avoid the expense and inconvenience of waxing and shaving.

1)  You’ll probably pay less than you imagine.  Are you a woman with a shadow on your upper lip?  AEL can laser it away as inexpensively as $79 per treatment.  Are pesky stray hairs showing up in your mirror?  AEL electrolysis can control them for as little as $35 per treatment.  For contrast, a single gas refill for a small sedan would exceed the cost of electrolysis, and filling up a large SUV would cost more than a laser treatment.  Or we can compare the costs to Starbucks.  At $2.45 per grande, you could eliminate the embarrassment of stray hairs for less than the cost of two weeks of your daily coffee.

2)  Consultations are free.  The initial meeting is your chance to ask questions and AEL’s opportunity to assess your complexion, hair color and expectations.  You’ll walk away with a personalized plan and a clear estimate of the costs involved, so you’ll always feel comfortable that your permanent hair removal program will fit your needs and your budget.

3) Wax and razors all add up.  Yes, the cost of permanent hair removal is an immediate expense, but when you compare it to the lifetime cost of temporary solutions, it usually is a savings.  How many razors will you throw away in a lifetime of shaving? Even cheap razors are estimated to cost thousands over decades of shaving.  How many wax applications will you endure? It takes less than a half dozen salon lip waxes to pay for an AEL laser treatment.

4) Time is money.  Plucking, waxing, and shaving takes time, and time is a valuable resource for working parents and anyone who would rather be enjoying life instead of dealing with unwanted hair. For those in high profile careers, the time spent removing hair is especially necessary as a professional appearance often translates into higher incomes.  Laser and electrolysis removes the burden of daily body hair grooming so you can focus on other–and more rewarding–things.

5)  Confidence is priceless.  As Diamond says, eliminating embarrassing facial and body hair can set you free to enjoy life fully.  Can another cup of Starbucks do that?

Here’s another reason to call American Electrolysis and Laser for a free consultation:  You may save money with our laser or electrolysis specials.  Call 881-3702 to schedule your appointment.

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