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Countdown to Spring: Hot Fashions

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Unless you’ve been shopping in New York over the past few months, you may have missed the latest spring fashions (since we all know the Battlefield Mall isn’t always up-to-the-minute on women’s fashions!).  So what is hot this season?  We took a look at Vogue and Popsugar and found some intriguing trends.  You can find a more complete rundown here but we would love to hear your feedback.  What do you think of some of the fashion trends below? Love them or hate them?

Show A Little Shoulder: Bare shoulders are certainly more socially acceptable than plunging necklines–and showing any skin can cool you down–but is the cold shoulder the right look for you? Our sample photo is from but the fashion sites are full of looks that put new meaning into the term “off-the-shoulder.”  If you’re going to try this look, you might want to firm up those deltoids!




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Image Source: IMAXTREE / 2015 Carlo Scarpato

White is the New White:  We can hardly call the white shirt a new trend, but everyone tells us it’s big for spring. Wear it tailored, tucked, untucked, big, tattered or torn–a white shirt goes with everything and always looked fresh and clean.  The shirt with the rolled-up shorts is from Banana Republic and the puffy-sleeves are from the fashion runway. Definitely a timeless look either way you go.





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Night is the New Day:  Want to just roll out of bed and be dressed for the day?  Lucky thing lingerie is the big thing this spring. Fashions that duplicate the frilly, breezy look of lingerie hit the runways last fall and may be finding their way to the stores this spring.  We say “may” because lingerie for daytime is a daring look which won’t be for everyone, although The Gap found a way to soften the look with their relaxed dress which reminds us of a bathrobe.  Not that that’s a bad thing!  The runway version of the look is a bit more daring.  Either way this look gives a peek-a-boo to the skin underneath, so make sure it’s smooth with laser.  American Electrolysis and Laser can help you look great in any spring fashion.



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