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Countdown to Spring: Daylight Saving Change Survival

Forget that old story about daylight saving time being invented as a boost to the farmer, the truth is those extra hours are all about summer weekends at the lake. And evening family barbecues. And spending every moment we can out enjoying life under the warm Ozarks sun.

bigstock-Time-Change-To-Daylight-Saving-52648993The good news is daylight saving time returns this weekend. Officially, we turn our clocks forward one hour at 2 am Sunday morning, but realistically most of us will adjust our clocks before going to bed Saturday night (or risk being late for church Sunday morning). The bad news is that most of us will take several days to adjust to the hour’s loss. Accidents increase the week after the time change and more mistakes are made at work due to the lack of a full night’s sleep.

Want to get back on track fast? Try getting up an hour early Saturday morning to fool your body’s internal clock into going to bed an hour early too. It’s also helpful to plan some quiet time before bed to relax your body and mind: turn off the TV and play some mellow music, or climb under the covers and read yourself to sleep. As always, avoid your evening coffee and try a hot decaf tea instead. It’s also a great idea to start your morning with a brief work-out to get your sleepy blood flowing. You’ll find yourself adjusted to the change in no time!

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