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<font-size=20px>Skin Care/Esthetics

Esthetician? Specializes in skin care and offers treatments to keep the skin healthy and attractive. Trained to detect skin care problems but cannot diagnose.

Skin Care line– We use one of the very best- Bioelements professional skin care line.

Clients absolutely love it! It is custom blended to fit ALL skin types!


Customized facial -Custom blended facial to fit each individual’s skin care needs. This also includes massage.

Acne facial – Acne clearing facial, targeting acne spots. This includes extractions if needed, as well as massage.

Back facial – Acne clearing facial. Extractions are included.

Relaxation massage – Detoxifying, energizing, relaxing, balancing, and headache relief. We offer a 30 minute or 1 hour massage. Important note– Must maintain hydration following massage.

Eye Brow/Lash Tinting – Will help to give lashes and brows a fuller look. For those who want to wear less makeup and to feel more natural. Also, helps to accent more dominant features on the face.

Microdermabrasion– We offer machine or manual. It is the client’s preference. They both produce the same result.

Machine – It is a diamond tip utensil, used to exfoliate the skin. Diminishing sun damage, pigmentation, open comodones, fine lines & wrinkles, enlarged pores, and coarsely textured skin. (75 min.)

Manual – A product that is applied to your skin in a circular motion, this product has a gritty texture to it. This is used to exfoliate the skin, leaving the skin feeling young and rejuvenated afterwards. (75 min.)

Eye Brow Design – Client’s brows will be assessed to determine proper placement and shape. The brows play an important role in defining the face. Without brows the face is incomplete. Symmetry/balancing are the key to determining the overall appearance of the face.





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